Home Learning Challenge - Can You Make a Mini-beast Home?

Over the next few weeks we will be suggesting some fun activities you can do at home linked to finding out about mini-beasts. It doesn't matter whether you have a small yard, a balcony or a garden you can make a range of simple habitats that will attract mini-beasts. You can then have fun observing the mini-beasts that come to stay in your Bug Hotel.


Mini-beasts love little holes and nooks and crannies to live in. The simplest sort of bug hotel can just be a pile of sticks and leaves. Alternatively you can use a plastic bottle with the top cut off, filled with rolled up newspaper. If you have more space you might want to be more ambitions and have a multi-story bug hotel. Use different natural materials  such as twigs, dried grass or pine cones to fill each space.

It would be lovely to see any pictures of bug hotels that you can build. Please share them with us using the tapestry app.

Follow theadventures of mini-beast expert Jess by clicking on the link.




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