Here you can find out about the Science that happens across our school. 


 Scientists at Home

Young children learn best through doing. They learn about the world around them by experiencing it through their senses. For this reason it is important that children focus on science activities that they can hear, touch, taste and smell. Below are some websites which have lots of great science experiments for you to try at home.


Useful Websites


Practical Experiments


Revision and Learning


Want to know about Scientists?


Forest Schools 

At Forest Schools we are nurturing curious, scientific minds. 

The ethos of Forest Schools is child-centred. It offers ALL learners regular opportunities to achieve, develop confidence and self-esteem, through hands on learning experiences. Forest Schools focuses on children's capacity to instigate, test and maintain curriosity in the world around them.

At The Beacon we provide children in EYFS with regular Forest School experiences to nurture an interest in science from an early age. Children are encouraged to direct their own learning, as well as learn important skills relating to fire lighting and safety, using tools to affect change to natural items such as wood, and understanding the natural world. 

Groups of children from Reception and Nursery have been attending weekly Forest Schools sessions this term in association with the Wildlife Trust. Visit for photos of our Forest School journey and information to help you support the Forest School ethos at home.



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