Accelerated Reader

As you know, we have recently started using a new programme in school called ‘Accelerated Reader’. Children are now using books linked to this as their home reader. Each book has been carefully selected for individual understanding of reading comprehension. This is based on a reading test children have taken.

Each book has a sticker on the spine to indicate the book level children are reading at. Higher levels indicate more challenging texts. After reading each book, children will complete a quiz in school and this will assess their understanding of what they have read and help teachers support their learning further. The aim is for children to achieve at least 85% as this demonstrates clear understanding of books read. If children are achieving less than this target you can support them by discussing their book and asking questions about the story and characters.

In addition to this, the programme allows teachers to monitor the amount of words read by each class. We will award a special trophy each week in Collective Worship to the class who have read the most. We will also have a special prize for the pupil who has read the most words every half term.

We are still encouraging all children to read 5 nights out of 7 and stickers to indicate if children have done this will still be put in reading records. This will count towards their reading certificates and rewards.

Accelerated Reader is also accessible from home so you can check your child’s progress and search for books suitable for their reading ability. This can be accessed from:


Click here to find a book using Accelerated Reader Book Finder 

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