Growth Mindsets

All children (Y1 - Y6) over the next term, will be learning about the difference between a growth mindset and fixed mindset. Y6 have started already on a 6 week programme to support them with their preparation towards tests in May.

We are hoping children will develop a growth mindset (if they have more of a fixed one at the moment!) - we expect children to be demonstrating or saying some of the following:

Is willing to learn and 'give it a go'
Works even harder if something is difficult.
Would rather do a difficult task and learn from it.
Not ashamed to make mistakes.
Enjoys challenges.
'I find it difficult so I am going to work even harder next time!'
Puts in lots of effort.
Believes intelligence can grow.
Knows that even if something seems hard, it will get easier with practice.
Shows persistence, determination particularly if the work is difficult.

If you would like to know about this please click on this article below as a starting point -

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