Remote Learning

Welcome to our Remote Learning Page. Our school is currently open for all pupils. 

At any point if your child is unable to come into school as they need to self isolate they can access our Beacon Remote Learning Curriculum. Please click on your child's year group tab for the detail for each year group. Any queries regarding remote learning please email (this mailbox is manned by a teacher during school hours)

Digital Platforms:

For Y1 - Y6, we use Seesaw to upload content and links (click here for an introductory guide) and in EYFS including reception we use Tapestry to upload learning activities.

If there is a confirmed positive covid case that affects your child and they need to self isolate we will also provide Microsoft Teams lessons daily for Reception to Y6 children. Every child has a log in for Microsoft Teams (Reception to Y6) which they have already used during lockdown. 

Please note if your child is quaranting due to going abroad on holiday, work will be uploaded on Seesaw / Tapestry. Please remember we do not allow children to have holidays during term time (reception to Y6) as we do not want children to miss out on crucial learning. 

Collective Worship:

As collective worship is a special time in the school day, we have continued to provide daily worship to children in Key Stage 1 and 2. All daily worships can be accessed at 10.15am, Monday to Friday. 

Timetable for Collective Worship

Monday: Whole School Worship live on Microsoft Teams. Led by Executive Head or Head of School.

Tuesday: B-Tales worship on Seesaw.

Wednesday: Church Worship, pre-recorded and uploaded to Seesaw. Led by Rev. Adam Maynard.

Thursday: Thinking Thursday on Seesaw.

Friday: Celebration Worship live on Microsoft Teams. Led by Executive Head or Head of School.

Technical Issues:

If you have been issued with a laptop from school (via the government) and you have any technical issues you can always phone our IT provider - LittleIT Helpdesk on 01942 508908. You will need the laptop with you plugged in and LittleIT will ask you to read out the number on the sticker on the laptop so they can help you remotely. 





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