Governance Review 2019-2020

Governance Review for 2019-2020

Autumn Term

  • Following the LDST Scheme of Delegation 2019-20, a review of the Local Governing Body membership led to the LGB becoming 13 members rather than 15 as in the past.
  • Link Governors and Committee Members were agreed.
  • A full analysis of the school’s results, enabled the Governors to agree the School’s Improvement Plan for the coming year.
  • The Admissions Committee met for their annual meeting and agreed the criteria and policy for 2021-2022. This was formally agreed by the LGB and shared with the LDST.
  • SEN and Disability report was presented and formally agreed by LGB. This was uploaded onto the school’s website.
  • A review of Website compliance was completed.
  • Governors continued to move away from paper to electronic communications within meetings– using Governorhub, a GDPR compliant platform.
  • SLT regularly discussed SIP and plans and impact with the LGB – Inspire Curriculum development, Pupil Premium, standards and attainment, Reading and Writing.
  • Governors’ undertook a maths learning walk in October 2019 and discussed findings with SLT and full LGB.
  • Governors were given opportunity in the meeting to look at children’s books and curriculum plans to evaluate history progression across the school. SLT were confident in answering questions raised by the Governors.
  • Governors began a review of their Governance using the Govenorhub DfE Health Check. This identified clear evidence that the Governing Board was meeting its statutory responsibilities on the areas checked.
  • Staffing and Pay Governors met to monitor the school’s performance management and appraisal of teachers and agreed pay progressions.
  • Executive Headteacher’s annual appraisal was completed with advice from the Trust Education Officer.
  • Pupil Premium Governor met with the Premium Pupil Lead to discuss the Pupil Premium Strategy and impact from previous year.
  • The Chair of Governors and all staff attended LDST’s first whole Trust Inset Day at St Michaels, Crosby.
  • Term dates for 2020-2021 were agreed.
  • Executive Headteacher and Governors began planning the next stage of building work to allow the rollout to 2 form entry.

Spring Term

  • Governors completed a skills audit and showed that the board as a whole was strong on essential skills.
  • SLT and Parent Governors initiated and led the first parent council, strengthening our relationship with stakeholders.
  • SLT updated governors on progress on the School Improvement Plan including the Knowledge Curriculum, Reading, Pupil Leadership teams and Growth Mindset.
  • Curriculum Lead and Lead for Humanities presented further updates on the schools Inspire Curriculum and Governors were able to look at books across the year groups and compare to termly plans. The value and impact of residential trips was also discussed.
  • Pupil Premium lead gave a presentation on the research project that school are involved in through the LDST.
  • Executive Headteacher’s Report for the autumn term, including standards and attendance was presented and discussed at LGB.
  • Governors received a presentation on the new statutory Relationships & Sex Education Policy (RSE) effective from September 2020 and how this would be reflected in the curriculum. 
  • The Safeguarding Governor completed a Safeguarding Learning Walk including discussion with relevant staff and tabled a full report to the Governors. The LA 175 Safeguarding Audit was completed and submitted to the LA, this confirmed our children are safeguarded to a high standard.
  • Governors met with the LA assessor for the Attendance Award and school were successful in attaining a Gold Award. 
  • Initial review of proposed Staffing Structure for 2020-21 undertaken.
  • The LDST COVID-19 plan was shared with Governors.

Summer term

School officially closed for all children on 20th March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The school reopened on 23rd March as part of the LA Local Hub model providing care for key worker and vulnerable children.  The school closed as a Local Hub on 22nd May and reopened on 15th June for a wider population of children in line with DfE guidance and LDST agreed risk assessments.

All Governor meetings after March 20th were conducted as virtual meetings.

Governors were kept fully informed on procedures during these unprecedented times – reports and risk assessments shared.

  • Home learning lead gave a presentation on home education for the children. 
  • A governor was involved in new staff appointments for September 2020. This was conducted by a virtual meetings and interviews.
  • Pupil Premium Governor discussed the progress on the strategy with the Premium Pupil Lead. Updating of the strategy was obviously affected due to the school closure.
  • Finance governors reviewed and agreed the budget for the academic year 2020-2021. This was submitted for formal agreement to the LDST as per Scheme of Delegation.
  • PE and Sports Lead reported to Finance Governors on the impact of the funding received, updated report will be published on the school website.
  • Governors continue to be fully involved and informed on the developments in the Liverpool Diocesan Schools Trust.
  • Governors agreed the 2020/21 School Improvement priorities.
  • PHSE and Science subject leaders presented to LGB on the impact of the new statutory Relationships & Sex Education Policy on curriculum.
  • The staffing structure for 2020-21 was reviewed and agreed.

Policies reviewed/adopted within the year – When required these have been customised to our school situation.

LDST Policies                        

  • Child Protection Policy October 2019 – updated in spring term to include an additional COVID 19 appendix 
  • E-Safety Policy – October 2019
  • Pay Policy
  • Capability Policy
  • Disciplinary Policy
  • Grievance Policy
  • Performance Management Policy - Teachers
  • Whistleblowing Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Expenses Policy 
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Biometric Information Policy
  • Conflict of Interest Policy

School Policies - The responsibility for the review and adoption of some policies have been delegated to the Headteacher and may be found on the school’s website.

  • SEND Policy – October 2019 
  • Charging and Remissions Policy June 2020 – Finance Governors


Individual governors have attended training on:

  • Safeguarding
  • Pupil Premium
  • Attendance, Attendance, Attendance
  • SFVS – Changes & New Requirements
  • COE National Education Conference
  • SENd
  • The role of a Parent Governor
  • LDST Scheme of Delegation
  • Education in Mind conference
  • Mindset Workshop
  • Ofsted training
  • Safer Recruitment
  • Liverpool Governors Forum – Conferences and Training
  • Governors attended the annual whole school safeguarding training.

Review of Governors’ plans 2019-2020

In addition to the established monitoring and evaluation schedule the Local Governing Body also: 

  • Continued to focus on our pupils’ attainment and well-being –

ASPR and FFT shared and discussed.

Pupil Leadership Teams and Restorative practice implemented

Child Protection Policy and E- Safety Policy updated October 2019

Schools Sports Gold Award achieved October 2019

  • Supported and challenged on the school’s improvement plan –

Reading and Writing SIP updated and shared

Curriculum lead updated governors on SIP and Governors undertook two book trawls on children's history and geography books to evaluate plans against childrens work

SIP an agenda item on every meeting - SLT leads report 

  • Continued to be involved in the development of the LDST

Governors were involved in drafting changes to the LDST Scheme of Delegation

Governors reviewed the LDST draft Relationships & Sex Education Policy

Governors attended LDST training

Chair of Governors attended termly LDST Chairs briefing

  • Focused on staff workload and well being

Discussed at Staffing meetings and a question asked by link governors during walk around to staff

Pay Committee reviewed teachers performance management objectives to ensure they were consistent and fair

Governors supported SLT in ensuring staff wellbeing during COVID 19 pandemic

  • Further developed link governor roles within the school and continued to engage in learning walks –

Maths Learning Walk completed

Health and Safety meeting with Business manager and Caretaker followed by walk around school – report tabled

Safeguarding walk and report tabled

Schools Single Central Record was audited

  • Further developed our Christian ethos and relationship with St Georges Church.

The Christian Distinctiveness Committee -

Discussed and put arrangements in place for pupils at the Beacon to be involved in setting up the Food Pantry and St Georges.

Reviewed organisation of Ethos afternoons.

Reviewed effectiveness of collective worship at the Beacon and what else we could do to make it even better.

Discussed possibility of introducing Eucharist to Year 6 (implementation delayed due to lockdown).

  • Continued to develop and strengthen the working relationship with our partner school

Executive Headteacher’s Performance Management jointly with partner school’s Chair of Governors and Trust’s TEO

Staffing and Pay Committee considered staffing in both schools when deciding school needs

  • Plan for the further extension to the school building to accommodate the increasing pupil numbers.

Governors reviewed a number of potential plans for new classrooms and developments are regularly shared with full board.

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