Admission to reception classes for September 2022

Admission to reception classes for September 2022

As a Church of England School, we became a member of the LDST (Liverpool Diocesan Schools Trust) in December 2017 and the Governors became the Admitting Authority.

The Local Authority continue to coordinate admissions to our reception classes for September 2022. However the decision to admit, or otherwise, is the sole responsibility of The Governing Body. From the 1st September 2021 if you live in Liverpool and your child is eligible for reception class in 2022 you can apply on line for a school place. Click here to read advice on how to apply.  Applications close on 15th January 2022.

Click on the link for our school information, The Beacon Church of England Primary School.

Our PAN (pupil admission number) is 60 pupils into our reception classes. If we recieve less than 60 applications for places, all children will be admitted. If we receive more applications than 60, applications will be considered against our school's admissions criteria, set out below.

Parents of children already in our Nursery will need to follow the same application process for a Reception place and will, if school is oversubscribed, be considered against the same criteria as other applicants.

Click here to see the School’s Admissions Criteria. 

If you do not live in Liverpool, you should apply through the local authority where you do live.

After a full Consultation, the Governors agreed our Admission Arrangements for September 2022. 

Please click here to read the Agreed Policy including the Admission Arrangements for September 2022.

Please note as the governors are now the Admitting Authority for the school, medical evidence under Criteria 2 needs to be submitted directly to school before the closing date, your preference form should still be submitted to the LA.


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