Solar Eclipse

As you may be aware there will be a solar eclipse, on Friday 20th March 2015. For the first time since August 1999, the UK will be covered in darkness during a rare PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE. A solar eclipse is when the moon covers the sun, blocking out its light either totally (fairly rare) or partially.
The solar eclipse will start at about 8.26am. The maximum eclipse is expected at around 9.32am when around 90% of the sun will be covered, and it will end around 10.40am. This will be our children’s first experience of this phenomenon and as the next substantial eclipse in our part of the world is not until 2026, it will be an experience that we will be sharing with the children. Before Friday, staff will be explaining the eclipse to children, and what will happen, in an age appropriate way.
However, it is extremely important not to look at a solar eclipse with the naked eye, even during the maximum point. Serious damage can occur to the retina from the sun’s rays, even resulting in permanent blindness.  Therefore, on the day children will view the eclipse in classrooms via a live web feed—this is totally safe to do. has a video to show what we might expect to see – although if it is a cloudy day, obviously the effect will not be as good. Fingers crossed for a cloud free day!

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