Parents Library Time

Dear Parents / Carers,

In order to continue to encourage our children to read for pleasure, our school library is open for parents and carers.

The school library will be open for parents every Friday morning from 8.40 – 9.10am. Parents and carers will be able to choose a child’s book as a treat for their child to read with them at home. This would be an additional book as your child will still bring home their two other books from school.

Research has shown story reading at home enhances children’s language comprehension and expressive language skills and they are also more likely to display a greater interest in reading at a later age.

A member of staff and the Year 6 librarians will also be in the library to provide any advice or support.

So once you have dropped your child off, why not pop into the Beacon Library?

Many thanks
Miss Yorke

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